Gigabud is committed to software technology solutions and software development. Due to our profound understanding and technological knowledge of internet software design, research and development, it is highly favored by clients and industry professionals.

Gigabud is a team of positive and conscientious people, who are always on the leading edge of internet design and technology, and persevere in order to offer the best product and service to our clients. Based in Hong Kong with a major branch in Shenzhen, our team consists of staff from around the world. Gigabud advocates an open atmosphere of communication. Both leaders and employees are constantly learning in order to innovate.

Core values:

●  Honesty and Integrity
●  Customer Satisfaction
●  Operational Excellence and Quality
●  Innovation
●  Teamwork


Not only do they create tools, but Gigabud also perseveres in client-centric, tailored solutions based on the clients demands. Gigabud responds quickly to the client’s requirements, constantly creating long term value to help our clients achieve success. Our aim is to provide high quality IT solutions and products, and exceed the expectations of every client.