We offer professional and tailored solutions, standardized operation systems, complete systemized service.


We have extensive research and development experience in various fields of Android / iOS / Web / Wechat.

Efficient & Stable

We have a mature technical framework,  strict project management system, and stable after service system.

Safe & Reliable

Project data is backed up regularly, and we also guarantee quick responses to emergency situations.

Our Team

Gigabud is committed to software technology solutions and software development. Due to our profound understanding and technological knowledge of internet software design, research and development, it is highly favored by clients and industry professionals.

Gigabud is a team of positive and conscientious people, who are always on the leading edge of internet design and technology, and persevere in order to offer the best product and service to our clients. Based in Hong Kong with a major branch in Shenzhen, our team consists of staff from around the world. Gigabud advocates an open atmosphere of communication. Both leaders and employees are constantly learning in order to innovate.

Core values:

●  Honesty and Integrity
●  Customer Satisfaction
●  Operational Excellence and Quality
●  Innovation
●  Teamwork


Not only do they create tools, but Gigabud also perseveres in client-centric, tailored solutions based on the clients demands. Gigabud responds quickly to the client’s requirements, constantly creating long term value to help our clients achieve success. Our aim is to provide high quality IT solutions and products, and exceed the expectations of every client.

  • Professional Solutions

    Gigabud has a top-class team of product designers, researchers & developers and QA, who can offer professional product consultancy and technology guidance. The team is not only proficient in various programming languages, but are constantly learning  to match the latest technological advancements.

    Gigabud offers our clients a full service during the product development journey, in order to build up a strong relationship with the clients. The service system includes product consultation, product requirement untangle, product function design, product UX design, product UI design, product development, product testing, product operations as well as many other system services.

  • Vast technical experience

    Gigabud can offer professional solutions and support for Android / iOS / Web and many other platforms.

    We have abundant resources for instant messaging, Chinese-English language matching, data search, data synchronization, notification push, cross-platform support, multi lingual support, payment integration, third party platform integration, WeChat platform customization, etc. We also have extensive experience in fields of language learning, social platforms, productivity tools, games, etc.

    Gigabud is constantly updating the technology they use, ensuring products are of the highest standard.

  • Safe, stable and reliable

    The client’s trust is the most important factor to the Gigabud team. As well as ensuring services are reliable and safe, Gigabud want our clients to feel reassured that they’re receiving the best care and quality when using Gigabud products and services.

    Gigabud has a mature technical framework and guarantee stable product performance. When projects go online, we ensure data is backed up regularly, as well as protecting data, managing stability and guarantee quick responses and solutions to emergency situations. To ensure online operations constantly run smoothly, Gigabud has a plan in place to protect and secure our client’s data, as well as stability for users of products. Our system also support horizontal expansion, which afford concurrency pressure. Moreover, our strong network safety team will also provide strong support to our products.