Written Chinese is an iOS / Android / Web cross-platform Chinese learning system, that can support Chinese-English word search, flashcard study system, optical character recognition, Ebook reading, study plan customization and tracking, social sharing, study data statistics, translation, Chinese character writing animation, data sync and other functions. Users can study Chinese with ease on their mobile or desktop device, anytime, anywhere.

Main Functions:

  • Create your own flashcards
  • Study HSK 1-6 Vocabulary(this is for earning a certificate in Chinese proficiency)
  • Ebook with a simple story in Chinese with beautiful illustrations, fluent Mandarin audio, and English translations. Additionally, Pinyin that can be toggled on and off.
  • Use optical character recognition (OCR) for translations
  • Watch animations to show you how to write any Chinese character
  • Break any Chinese character into its radicals
  • Hear Mandarin audio pronunciation for every character
  • Constantly updating dictionary and flashcard database

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