Gigabud has a top-class team of product designers, researchers & developers and QA, who can offer professional product consultancy,technology guidance,as well as professional and tailored solutions.


● Chinese character stroke generation system

Character stroke animation generation tool. Input text to get the stroke sequence of each character. We also have web Chinese writing pad, which can help write Chinese character, that can support both traditional and simplified Chinese.


● Flashcards study system

The system can quickly generate flashcards, including images, audio and text. Users can customize and arrange flashcards the flashcards, and study the flashcard in the system with study data statistics analyzation, which can help the user achieve the study goal efficiently.


● Chinese optical character recognition(OCR) module

Working alongside Waygo Chinese optical character recognition engine, we offer real-time image-Chinese character recognition function for both iOS and Android user. The OCR tool can be used in many different situations, and is especially effective on menus.


● Cloud cross-platform data sync

With HTTPS encryption protocol, we offer data sync service between mobile device and web, and also offer data cloud storage and backup, to ensure the safety and completeness of user’s data.


● Cloud big data management and analysis

We offer safe and efficient cloud data storage (SQL or Non-SQL Database), and big data analyzation coordinated with Hadoop or Spark data analysis engine.


● Cloud audio / image processing

User uploaded audio and images can be conversed, compressed, cropped, and edited to match the cross-platform user’s demands in different situations. Meanwhile, we use cloud CDN to access data and to increase the response speed and success rate of the user visiting. We can solve the access latency problems caused by distribution, bandwidth, server performance limited, etc.


● Real-time communication system

We use a RabbitMQ server coordinated with database engine , support AMQP, STOMP and other communication protocol, which can offer efficient and errorless online communication services to the user. The real-time communication is not only a real-time communication software combining text, voice, image technology, but also includes local data, video and voice real-time transfer and offline transfer.


● Mobile phone real-time notification system integration

We are able to integrate original Apple and Google notifications. In China, we integrate Baidu, Tencent, JPush and other the 3rd party notification services. We support mass instant and scheduled mobile notifications, as well as customized notifications and language localization.


● Mobile phone & website payment integration

As well as iTunes and Google Play In-App Purchases, we can also integrate payment methods such as Paypal, credit cards, Alipay & Wechat pay in China, which offers fast payment via a mobile phone or on the web.


● Social application platform integration

We integrate the login, sharing and other functions of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, Wechat and other major social platforms. We are able to implement one-click login, sharing to friends and other social functions required by users.


● Game developing platform

Familiar with Cocos2D, Unity3D and other game developing platform, we can develop games of a high quality with more efficiency.